Getting My Keto Mojo Back!

When life throws us a curveball, it’s easy to feel like you can never have the energy and enthusiasm that you used to have. But the good news is that you CAN get your keto mojo back and reclaim your energy and enthusiasm about your health! Read on to learn tips and tricks to get your keto mojo back and start feeling your best.

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1) Shake Off Those Keto Blues: How to Regain Your Keto Mojo!

Let’s be real – entering the Keto world is no walk in the park. There are times when your enthusiasm can start to wane, leaving you feeling like all of your progress has been in vain. But don’t despair – here is a handy guide on how to bring the mojo back to your Keto diet:

Take a Step Back

Sometimes all you really need to do is hit the reset button and start fresh. Start by assessing what you’re eating – are you getting all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced, healthy Keto diet? Re-evaluate your goals and timeline and then create a new plan that is more flexible and achievable. Also, don’t forget to adjust your macros accordingly to reflect your new goal.

Stay Connected
Nobody likes the feeling of trying to go it alone. Join forums, online communities or even local groups, and connect with fellow Keto dieters who can offer you support and resources. This way you can benefit from feedback, tips and the motivation of like-minded people who also share your passion for Keto.

Give Yourself A Break
Finally, don’t forget to show yourself some mercy! This is a lifestyle change after all so having some cheat days is not only allowed, it is encouraged! Every now and then plan a day off where you indulge a little in the foods you have most been missing. Just don’t forget to get back on track the next day without beating yourself up for it. Being kind to yourself is just as important as being disciplined.

2) Out With The Old, In With The New: Amp Up Your Keto Routine

It’s time to switch up your keto routine! Adding freshness and variety into your keto diet is key to keeping things interesting – from embracing new flavors to learning new techniques. Here are 3 simple ways to amp up your keto routine:

  • Explore new recipes: Step outside of your comfort zone and discover some new recipes. Try bold flavors from a different region or stick with favorites that you know and love. It might sound daunting, but there are so many keto-friendly recipes out there that you’re sure to find something new and delicious!
  • Try new cooking methods: Maybe it’s time to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to meal prep. Get creative with your cooking – bake and grill specific ingredients, or learn how to make dishes like sous vide salmon or air fryers. It’ll add an extra element of flavor to each dish, and also keep things interesting in the kitchen.
  • Switch up your ingredients: Variety doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel – just by swapping out a few ingredients in your dishes, you can create something totally new. Choose a few keto-friendly substitute ingredients – like coconut or avocado oil, flax seeds, cauliflower, or nuts and seeds – and use them in place of your usual favorites. You’ll be surprised at the whole new flavor profiles that you can create!

Adding variety into your keto diet is the name of the game – so get creative, get exploratory, and bring new life into your meal plans. Each meal can be an exciting new adventure – so go ahead, let your culinary creativity run wild!

3) Monitor Your Macros: Take Control of Your Diet

To truly take control of your diet, you need to keep track of what you are eating and how it affects your body. When it comes to diet, it’s not just about calories, it’s also about the macronutrients contained in your meals – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Start tracking your macronutrients in order to maximize the nutritional value of your food. With so many nutrition tracking apps available, it’s never been easier to track what you’re eating. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and ensure you’re sticking to your dietary goals.

Here are a few tips for monitoring your macros:

  • Measure your portions: Before you can keep track of your macros, you need to know exactly how much food you’re eating. Use a kitchen scale or measuring cups/spoons to get an accurate measurement of your portions.
  • Focus on nutrient-dense foods: Not all calories are equal. Focusing on nutrient-dense foods that are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants is the best way to make sure you’re meeting your nutritional goals.
  • Incorporate variety in your diet: To ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients you need, incorporate variety into what you eat. Rotating your meals is the best way to get the widest range of nutrients.

By monitoring your macros, you can take the guesswork out of your diet and be sure that you are putting the right fuel into your body.

4) Find Your Keto Groove: Techniques for Overcoming Barriers

Sticking to a keto diet can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the lifestyle. The intense restrictions and rules can feel overwhelming, which is why it’s important to find the keto approach that works best for you.

The key to conquering barriers is finding out your individual keto stickiness. That is, unearthing your own unique strategies that help to keep you on-track and motivated. To help you out, here are some helpful suggestions to consider:

  • Embrace the power of Progress: a healthy keto diet isn’t all or nothing. Each day that you make healthy, keto-friendly decisions – no matter how small – is an accomplishment.
  • Enlist help: enlisting an accountability buddy, a nutritionist or even a keto coach can be useful to keeping you motivated.
  • Plan Ahead: meal-prepping on Sunday nights and stocking your fridge with keto-friendly snacks are helpful strategies for avoiding cheating episodes that lead to unhealthy snacking.

All of these strategies combined with a strong sense of self-awareness gives you the best chance to overcome your barriers and feelings of being overwhelmed. Focus on adding manageable, healthy habits into your life and you’ll be on your way to finding the keto groove best suited to your individual lifestyle.

5) Stay On Track: Tools for Keeping Your Keto Mojo Rolling

The ketogenic diet is a great way to give your health a much-needed boost, but right now you may be struggling to stay motivated. Don’t worry! Here are a few ways to stay on track and keep your keto mojo rolling!

Track Progress: Sticking to a keto diet requires persistence and dedication. Tracking your progress can be the key to keeping morale high and the motivation going. Writing down everything you eat in a food diary or taking photos of your meals can be helpful in knowing whether you are on the right track or need to readjust.

Check in with Yourself: It’s important to take stock of how you are feeling as you go through the keto diet. Check in with yourself from time to time to make sure you haven’t taken on too much or forgotten to do something important. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Am I getting the nutrients I need?
  • Am I feeling good overall?
  • Am I giving myself a break when I need it?

Checking in with yourself will keep you in the know and in control of your progress.

Find Inspiration: Everyone needs a little dose of motivation from time to time. Think of something or someone who inspires you and create a motivational atmosphere for yourself. Take a few minutes each day to read inspiring stories and quotes or watch motivational videos. Listen to encouraging podcasts, or just take some time to appreciate the progress that you have already made. No matter what you decide to do, find the source of inspiration that resonates with you and use it to give you the boost you need to keep going.

My Diet Answers

Q: What inspired you to get back on the keto diet?

A: After seeing a friend achieve great results with the keto diet, I was motivated to give it another go and get my keto mojo back.

Q: How did you get started?
A: My first step was researching to make sure that the keto diet was the right choice for me and that I was prepared to fully commit. Once I felt confident in my knowledge and conviction, I was ready to start!

Q: What tips do you have for others wanting to restart their journey with the keto diet?
A: The most important things to remember are to plan ahead, be consistent, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. With the right attitude and support system, it’s definitely possible to get your keto mojo back.

If you’ve been feeling like your keto mojo has been waning or your energy levels are shaky, you don’t have to despair. With the right steps and some consistency, you can get your keto mojo back and feel your absolute best! Getting back on the keto wagon may not be easy but it IS worth it, so take it one step at a time and don’t forget to congratulate yourself for making it through the hard times. Now you finally have some of that old keto mojo back!

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