What I’ve Learned On My Keto Journey

If you’re anything like me, learning something new requires a fair bit of trial and error–which is most definitely true of my keto journey. As I have been on a ketogenic diet for over a year now, I have had a lot of time to practice, test, and educate myself on the diet. What began as an intimidating and strict set of dietary restrictions has become the backbone of my day-to-day routine. This article is my guidebook of findings, and a friendly advice sheet for future low-carb and ketogenic adventurers.

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1. Reflecting on My Keto Journey: What I Have Learned

It has been an incredible journey reflecting on my keto journey this past year. I’ve learned a lot and become much more informed on the benefits of this lifestyle.

Here is what I’ve learned along the way:

  • Keto is customizable. This was probably my biggest takeaway from my experience – that the keto journey isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of diet. Everyone’s body is unique and so the results of an individual’s keto journey will be different. What worked for me might not work the same for someone else.
  • It’s all about balance. Eating healthy while on keto doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. Having carbs here and there, occasionally eating a keto-friendly dessert, and even having a cheat day every now and then can all be part of a well-rounded lifestyle.
  • It’s about being mindful. There is a lot of information out there about the keto diet. It’s important to be aware of all the details and to be mindful of what and how you’re eating. Being conscious of the foods you’re putting into your body and how they affect your energy levels can go a long way.

It has been an amazing journey and I am grateful for everything that keto has taught me. I am looking forward to see what 2021 has in store in terms of furthering my journey.

2. How I Adjusted to Keto as a Lifestyle

Finding Recipes and Meals

The transition to a keto diet seemed daunting at first. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find any meals that sounded even remotely appetizing. But I was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of recipes once I started searching. I could find breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that fit within the parameters of the keto diet. To make the transition more palatable, I included some of my favorite dishes along with new and exciting dishes I never even heard of before.

Finding Alternatives in the Grocery Store

The biggest surprise came when I first stepped foot inside the grocery store. Instead of panicking, I made a plan and slowly tackled the aisles. I identified whole-grain starches I could swap out like quinoa and buckwheat, and switched my favorite peanut and almond butter for sunflower seed butter and tahini. It was actually kind of fun to try out new products and figure out new favorites.

Incorporating Herbs and Spices for Flavor

At first, I felt like the food I was making was missing something. Then, I remembered all the herbs and spices I had in my pantry. I started playing around with rosemary, oregano, and garlic powder to find the combination I liked best. This helped to make the dishes much more flavorful and enjoyable. Plus, I didn’t feel like I was compromising on taste or sacrificing on nutrition, which was a huge bonus.

3. What I Discovered About My Eating Habits

I started by keeping a journal of everything I was eating on a day-to-day basis. I didn’t expect to find out much about my eating habits because I thought I was already conscious of what I was consuming. But the journal highlighted a few things.

1. I was snacking a lot more than I thought – It turns out the snacking I was doing out of boredom or just because it was meal time was way more than I anticipated. Keeping the journal helped pointed this out and allowed me to be more mindful about my snacks.

2. Eating breakfast was becoming a rarity – Though I loved breakfast, it was continually getting pushed back to much later in the morning, often to the point of it being lunch time. Keeping the journal help me be aware of this and made me re-commit to eating breakfast.

3. I wasn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables – Though I love fruits and vegetables, it didn’t show in my journal. It seemed like I was frequently opting for more convenient options when it came to my meals and snacks. Looking at the journal and reminding myself of how much I enjoy produce brought me back to healthier habits.

  • Keeping a journal was a great way to review what I was actually eating.
  • Seeing the activity in the journal made me more aware of my missteps.
  • It also inspired me to be more dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.

4. Gaining More Energy and Overcoming Challenges

It’s no secret that life can sometimes exhaust our energy reserves – especially when it comes to overcoming life’s challenges. But, do you know that there are strategies for gaining more energy to power up your challenge-conquering efforts? Here are four tips to increase your energy and help you tackle obstacles head-on:

  • Exercise. Not only does exercise mean taking care of your body, it also releases endorphins which can give you a boost of natural energy. Even something as simple as a brisk walk outside can make a huge difference!
  • Relaxation. Taking a few minutes to cozy up with yoga, mindfulness or even just a few deep breaths can help you feel refuelled. Nothing beats a few moments of rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries.
  • Interaction. Talking to someone who lifts you up and gives you the energy to move forward can be very powerful. A gentler option is to spend time with a beloved pet. Animals are so full of love – just cuddling a furry friend can leave us feeling better!
  • Motivation. When all else fails, sometimes a good dose of inspiration is all we need to give us a push in the right direction. Whether it’s a TED talk, a personal mission statement, or an ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude – find the motivation that works best for you.

Surprisingly enough, your energy is key to making complex decisions and facing fears. Using these tips, you can ensure that the thing you’re most lacking in won’t be holding you back. By having a source of positive energy, you become better equipped to face the hurdles in your path. So don’t let yourself become drained of energy – with the right boost, you’ll soon be conquering life’s challenges with ease!

5. Lessons Learned and Advice for Those Just Starting Out

1. Stay humble and never be afraid to ask for help: No matter how successful you get in life don’t forget where you came from. Remember the people who have helped you and never be above asking for help when you need it.

2. Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail: Successful people are willing to take chances and not worry about failure. Have faith in yourself and your abilities and know that if you put in the work, you have a good chance of succeeding.

3. Have a plan and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions: Success is rarely achieved without hard work and sacrifice. Have a plan and be prepared to make tough decisions in order to reach your goals. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work.

Key Takeaways

  • Stay humble and never be afraid to ask for help
  • Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail
  • Have a plan and don’t be afraid to make tough decisions

My Diet Answers

Q: What Is The Keto Diet?
A: The keto diet is a type of low-carb and high-fat diet that is focused on eating nutrient-dense whole foods while cutting out processed and sugary foods. It is intended to switch your body from burning carbs to burning fat as its primary fuel.

Q: How Did You Hear About The Keto Diet?
A: I first heard about the keto diet from a colleague who has been following it for a few years and raving about its positive health benefits. I found the idea of eating a diet focused on whole, nutritious foods very attractive and decided give it a try myself.

Q: What Has Been The Hardest Part Of Staying On A Keto Diet?
A: The hardest part of staying on a Keto diet has been learning how to adjust and adapt my eating habits. It has been a challenge to swap out foods that I am used to eating like cereal and bread for grain-free and low-carb alternatives. It’s taken some time to adjust to craving different types of snacks and meals!

Q: What Advice Would You Give To Someone Just Starting A Keto Journey?
A: The best advice I can give is to be patient and kind with yourself. Keto is a new way of eating and it’s going to take time to get used to it and learn the ins and outs. The most helpful way to make sure you are on the right track is to track your food intake and find resources online that can help provide guidance and inspiration.

Overall, my keto journey has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I have learned much about myself, and it has made me a better and healthier person. I hope my journey and the information I have shared inspires you to take the leap and experience the many benefits going keto can bring to your life. Life is too short not to go all-in on our health and wellness goals – and I urge you to do just that!

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